The Arrowhead Scholarship was won by Anastasia Johns, a second-year student. Anastasia Johns is Recognized for her academic success and her experiences as an educator. During the school, she created alternate ways for the students to learn and retain difficult material, helped students with lecture material and created her own introductory lectures, and kept the students engaged and interested in the material on the laboratory sessions. She also utilized her teaching skills to help peers master the difficult material that veterinary school presents as a Vet Peer Assisted Coach.  She is growing as an educator throughout this experience which will help her to educate her clients on topics that are outside of their previous knowledge in the future. She was proven worthy of the scholarship above the other candidates by her academic success, and financial need. Anastasia is very grateful for the scholarship and can’t thank the Arrowhead VMA enough.

The Dr. Tom Bloom Memorial Scholarship was won by Chris Thomson Chris’s passion for veterinary has led to his participation in different aspects of research. He is a founder of a research-centric veterinary club and travels to veterinary schools for outreach as a research advocate. He participated in many aspects of research. He was the primary author of an article currently pending publication. These experiences allowed him to discover more of his strengths. He is an exceptional student with an excellent experience. He is recognized for his academic success. He was proven worthy of the scholarship above the other candidates by his strong academic experience.

Scholarship Information:

ARROWHEAD VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP ~ $3,000 – Awarded to a 2nd, 3rd or 4th-year student based on financial need and in good scholastic standing, with preference given to a student from the outstate Arrowhead region of Minnesota or Wisconsin.

MVM FOUNDATION DR. TOM BLOOM MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ~ $1,500 – Awarded to a fourth-year student, preferably a Minnesota resident, who is recognized for his or her community service contribution (whether in the veterinary school or in the outside community) and has demonstrated a willingness to help others succeed.

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